We are Sound and Words are Seeds

Pronounce "I Feel" returns the lost unit as it travels through your skin, which is the most extensive organ that connects you and makes you sensitive to the lives of others, detaches you from the results and makes you a unit. The sound "Forgiveness", forgive me, echoes in your pancreas and in your colon unleashing

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Is cancer treatment too profitable to ever be cured?

This is a question that troubles many people I know, me included. To try to find an answer, I’ve interacted with many cancer researchers since my wife Margot’s death. What I’ve learned is that finding a cancer cure remains a difficult area for researchers. And there are many intelligent, eager researchers who are trying to

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Spontaneous Regression: Current Day Miracles Cure Cancers

With all the news that loved ones are struggling with and even being taken by cancer, increasingly patients are making unexpected recoveries.  The question is:  Can these cases provide vital clues for tackling cancer? Recently in the UK, the case of a 74-year-old woman baffled doctors.  Initially reporting a rash that wouldn’t go away, by

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New Year’s Resolutions to Live By!

Here at the Love From Margot Foundation, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. And with the New Year just a few days away, we want to take a moment to offer a few New Year’s resolutions for everyone, especially those struggling with cancer or chronic disease. Some of these might not apply to you

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