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A Note From Our Founder, Mike

The year before she died, Margot and I started a blog called Send Margot Love. It included the story of her battle with cancer, updates on her health (written by Margot when she could, written by me when she just didn’t have the strength to write them herself) and her beliefs about love and healing. People around the globe were sending Margot love. There is a very powerful “pocket card” that you’ll see on the blog, too. I know some people who still carry that card around in their pockets today.

To see the video tribute that my son Christopher made for Margot’s memorial service, watch the video to the left.

In Love & Health,


Margot’s Story in Her Own Words

My name is Margot Murphy; I am 38 years old, married with 4 wonderful step-children, 3 beautiful grandchildren and the love of my life, Duke, my 10-year-old-boxer. I am asking you for your help, but before I do allow me to explain my situation. In 2002 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, in 2006, the day of my wedding, I had thought I had beat it and by the picture you can see how happy I am on that day.

In 2007 I learned that it had spread to most of my bones, lungs and liver, I started more treatment, by 2010 I thought I had beat it again.

In November of 2010 I learned that it had spread to the lining of my brain and the lining of my spinal cord and into the spinal fluid. The technical name of the disease is Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis. Medical Science has not had much luck defeating this illness, hence the reason I am asking you for help.

Here is what I have come to believe in my mind and feel deeply in my heart. The two keys words are believe and feel.

1. I believe that all of us are connected by an invisible power/energy. This power goes by many names; I choose to call it God or Heavenly Father and sometimes Supreme Creator.

2. I believe that my incurable disease can be cured by believing it with my mind and feeling it in my heart, therefore from this moment forward I will refer to myself as a former cancer patient in remission, I will believe it in my mind and feel in all of my cells, especially my heart.

3. I also believe that the more people that believe it and feel it with me, the more power and energy will be put to my healing and total remission, as I said I believe that we are all connected, you to me and me to you.

4. I choose to believe that it is not my time to leave this earth yet and that I still have much to do and contribute, I feel this deeply in my heart.

5. I also believe that no one is destined to suffer the way I have suffered these past few months, I am grateful and love my Doctors for what they have done, yet the only weapons they have to destroy my crazy cancer cells are to poison them, burn them or cut them out, I feel and believe that with your help, we can love them to death or convert them to a normal existence.

6. I know that miracles take place every day and I feel and believe that I will experience one. I am willing to do my part and would like to ask you to join me, but only if we are like minded, if you believe in everything that I have stated above, then I believe we are operating on the same consciousness and have free and total access to the healing power of God. If this is the case, here is what I am going to ask you to do for me, go to my website, and commit to 5 minutes a day to send me healing love and power, believe with me that my healing has already been received, celebrate in your mind and heart that you have assisted me in my healing, believe it in your mind, see it in your mind and FEEL it in every cell of your being and then give thanks to our creator for my healing.

7. At the website, go to the prayer schedule and choose a 5 minute time slot that works for your schedule every day, if the slot you wanted is taken, it is ok to double up, the more the merrier I say, I also ask that you choose an anonymous name or handle if you will, that way we can keep our egos out of this.

8. If you desire a have created a little pocket card that you can download and print, maybe even have it laminated at Kinko’s to keep in your pocket as a reminder. Or you may want to set the reminder on your phone.

You may be my dearest friend or I may not even know you, but if you have the mindset that I have and the beliefs I have and are going to give me 5 minutes of your life every day, I am humbled and grateful! Once I am feeling back to normal (as you can see I am a little beat up since my wedding day), I plan on making websites like this my life’s work and helping others beat serious illness. If you would like updates on how I am doing send me your email address.

Oh, and by the way, I joyfully accept any and all outcomes, because I also believe, feel and know that my soul is eternal and that whenever my creator chooses for me to leave the confines of my body and the planet earth to return to my permanent home, I will be ready, because I do believe that we are all spiritual souls having an earthly experience so that we can become just a little more enlightened and that much closer to our creator. I love you…